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Userprofile: How to make it your "business card"

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You have in your userprofile many options to tell others more about you.

Only users who are logged in can read the information in your userprofile. So your data is protected. you can also change the settings or delete teh information at any time.

For a "family" it is nicer to know more about other members. What they are shooting with, what kind of subjects they are interested in etc.

You can fill out all these information in your userprofile.

How to get there?

First you have to be logged in. Click on the upper right corner on your username/avatar and then on "Your Profile Page":



After that you see in your userprofile several tabs. Click on the right side on the tab "Information":



There you go. Fill out whatever you want to. You can change it at any time.


As soon as you upload images into the Gallery there will be another tab visible in your userprofile, called "Photos":


Thanks to this you have a really nice looking userprofile which looks really good with the photos and tells something about you and your photography.
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